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M A D E  I N  I T A L Y

S Y S T E M S   A N D   M A G I C

TopAward - 3° place

2004, 2005 and 2006!

Taking the podium again...

Extreme Audio - Vyger

Sala Q, floor -1


2 BlackNoise Extreme


Suite 238, floor +2


BlackNoise Extreme, 1 Four power distributor and 3 GoldWire mains cables

Northstar Design

Suite 203, floor +2


1 BlackNoise 1000


Suite 103, floor +1


Blacknoise Extreme, 500 e 2500, 1 Four power distributor and well 7 GoldWire mains cables


 Suite 203, floor +2

Blacknoise Extreme, 500 e 2500, 1 Four power distributor  and 8 GoldWire mains cables


As always each year, many has been the exibhitors that decided to equip their listening rooms with our BlackNoise mains filters and cables to optimize their setup up to a complete AC mains cabling and filtering solution like the room that hosted the great Bolzano-Villetri omnidirectional speakers!

Once more, a heartly thanks to everyone who choosed to trust us and to show us their appreciation for our work, making possible for us to receive three years in a row the third place in the “Complements and Accessories” category during the TopAudio & Video Show!



Three audio shows in a month. A slideshow of our most tireless supporter...

Bolzano, Lanciano and Rome

Readers choosed BlackNoise filters

ex-aequo together with Shunyata filters

as best product in the 2005-2006

accessories category!

After the 2005-2006 Award given ex-aequo by VideoHIFI.Com readers to BlackNoise and Shunyata Hydra mains filters as best products in the accessory category, now they are head to head in the  number 20 magazine review on-line this month!!


 See Reviews

The september issues, now on the news-stands, of Fedeltà del Suono and  AF Digitale talk about us!


AF, in the article “Conditioned by mains” brings us to attention as a reference point for audiophiles, while FDS in the section “Showcase”, presents the Derive! , the BlackWire and the Phaser in absolutely enthusiastic terms! See Reviews



For the third year in a row we have also received the third place at the  TopAudio&video Show in the complements and accessories category!


See the report in this page.

TopAward - 3° place

2004, 2005 and 2006!

 Tiny but with great performance!

A new BlackNoise?

Yes, the MiniBlack

The very first MiniBlack review

on number 22 of VideoHiFi.Com

 on-line this November!





              See Reviews

Milano Hi-End, February 2007.

Don’t be fooled, just a bit of auto-irony…

The very natural-sounding

 Hornmanufaktur suite, hardly needed

our filters to sound at its best!

Latest audio shows in Italy...

...where we showed that one of our best assets is staying in touch with customers from the beginning!

TopAudio Rome, March 2007

1st. Edition...


...and abroad...

Hornmanufaktur and Horn-Kultur room

using several of our filters, distributors and mains cables.

Three images, general of the Show and of the

room of our distributor, Audiomania

Sicilia Hi-End 2007, April,

the public you see was more or less all that could be seen… :-) instead in the company of

Linn and Bolzano-Villetri

Munich, Bavaria: four days at top speed…  but you would not guess it from

the smiling faces (nor by the 32’ LCD monitor stolen the very first day!!)


We do anything for the phase...


...talks about it together with the Phaser

in the issue 24 reviews 4 BlackNoise filters!

20th Edition


September 13-16 2007

AtaHotel Quark - Milan





In collaboration with:


Floor +1   Suite BS-125

Five pictures of the two adjoining rooms populated with our products either in static display (about us) and in full play with NuForce gear (MadForMusic).

In the latests months well SIX new reviews on foreign magazines

and TWO more on the italian ones, without counting the national news service              that talked about us!


see reviews

Fedeltà del Suono

2007 HiFi Awards

Our GOLDWIRE  AC cable

is  a nominee in the

HiFi Awards 2007

of Fedeltà del Suono!

Roma Hi-End 2007

November 17-18  2007

Always the same but always different…

function and emotion