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Exclusive for SUONO magazine and  for the SUONOPoint chain-shop, the power distributor (not a mains filter!) SUONO BlackNoise, able to power devices up to about 2500 W.


The four outlets accept  (aside italian ones), Schuko and US standards, the latter without earth connection. The back inlet is IEC standard.


The unit has a double spike and overvoltage protection device (albeit less sophisticated than BlackNoise Filters), a star internal cabling (while the majority of similar devices is serial made) and employs the same materials and mechanical solutions of the rest of the BlackNoise product line.


Lastly, the enclosure is shielded and entirely made of hardened aluminium (4mm thickness), in order to avoide either  external electromagnetic fields and to radiate internal ones.

July 2004

June 2004

The BlackNoise product line model Extreme  goes from 100 W to 230 W full power, able to work with any CDP, Preamp or Phono-Preamp on the market without any kind of power limits.


Price has not changed


Available only through the magazine or the SUONOPoint chain-shop:



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September 2004

September edition of SUONO magazine has a full review of BlackNoise Extreme and 500 mains filters! See Reviews

During the latest TopAudio 2004, the BlackNoise Extreme has received from the public the 3rd TopAward ranking as best product in it’s accessories class!


Below, some images of our stand and of NorthStar Design and Extreme Audio room O, located at floor -1, that made good use of well four of our BlackNoise filters!

16 - 20 September 2004

TopAward 2004 - 3rd place

Roma Hi-End

November 6-7, 2004


Some images of the roman show, either of our stand and of the Cristallo Hall where well five of our BlackNoise filters worked well together with products by NorthStar, Extreme Audio and VYGER!

November 2004

Bari Hi-End

November 27-28, 2004

Our stand at the show

On the same 13th issue of VideoHIFI.Com, on-line this month, well two articles about our products! See Reviews

M A D E  I N  I T A L Y

S Y S T E M S   A N D   M A G I C

Milano Hi-End

February 19-20, 2005

Two pictures of our stand that had a really heavy tournout... even if from these photos would be very hard to tell !

A new mains cable joins the SYSTEMS AND MAGIC products line: the GoldWire.


Based on the same BlackWire semi-balanced and shielded typology, improves all parameters due to a much higher conductors cross-section and to a different and more sophisticated internal geometry. See details.

Two images

of the show and 

the building that hosted it

Our stand with a real-time demonstration of mains line spectral analisys

From left, AudioNemesis, SYSTEMS AND MAGIC e

HIDiamond starts the day  with german croissants

but rigorously with

italian imported coffee...

Munich Hi-End


Number 118 of Fedeltà Del Suono

on the newstands this month,

details the test of well

THREE BlackNoise filters

in the same setup!

See Reviews


Two outlets on the BlackNoise are too few??

Allright, here is the

A heartly thanks to everyone who choosed to trust us and to show us their appreciation for our work, making possible for us to receive two years in a row the third place in the “Complements and Accessories” category during the TopAudio & Video Show!


Pictured, our extremely busy suite (it doesn’t seem so but it was!) taked in care acustically and aesthetically by our partner, MadForMusic in the person of Dimitri Toniolo. All electronics, Margules Audio, Wilson Benesch, Einstein, Nu-Force, are imported by MadForMusic and were fully powered by our line of mains distributors, mains cables and BlackNoise filters and connected by HiDiamond signal and power cables.


 Suite 203, floor +2

HiDiamond - Luxuraudio

Suite 03, floor 0

Extreme Audio - Northstar Design

Q hall, floor -1

Audia Flight - Eventus Audio

Suite 212, floor +2


Inside the exhibition, many were the showrooms that this year decided to be equipped with our BlackNoise filters to optimize their setup, last but not least the QUASAR hall with Stefania Salvador live show!

TopAward - 3rd place

2004 and 2005

QUASAR hall, floor 0

Stefania Salvador concert,

with the cooperation of Velut Luna, Extreme Audio, Northstar Design

collecting the prize...

September edition of Audiophile Sound on the news-stands now, dedicates four pages to an interview with Roberto Amato, SYSTEMS AND MAGIC ceo. See Reviews



Extreme Audio and Omicron Group

(BlackNoise 2500 + Extreme)

Best Audio and Video

(BlackNoise Estreme + 500)

Our stand and part of

our staff

Roma Hi-End - October 29-30 2005

On issue 18th of VideoHIFI.Com, on-line this month, our GoldWire cable reviewed together with seven more mains cables. See Reviews

function and emotion

Milano Hi-End

February 11-12 2006

The beautiful MadForMusic hall, fully served by our BlackNoise

mains cables and filters

...and our Stand,

 with a joung co-worker at work!


With the Derive! you are now free

 to choose  any length for

 the built-in cable!

In addition to the energy distributor Eight,

now two more enrich BlackNoise products line, respectively with six and four outlets,

the Six and the Four!

Munich High-End

May 25-28  2006

M,O,C, München - Germany

Hall 3– Stand D06


Our stand in collaboration with Hi-Diamond


Beside the choice of excellent Hi-End gear, this year

we have offered to all visitors a refined buffet of cheese,

wine, coffee and other tastings of italian cuisine that

have been welcomed with unconditioned blessing! :-)