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     Fully passive mains filter, split in four progressive filtering cells on neutral and live conductors. Two progressive filtering cells on the ground line as well.


          Mains harmonics roll-off: -3db at 1.4Khz, -42db at 10Khz, -110 at 100Khz, -170db at 1Mhz depending by models. See Products for  each model details.


          Filtering is bidirectional, insulating from mains noise either the devices plugged in, and at the same time preventing noise injected by the audio gear itself from polluting the mains network.


         Protection against voltage spikes, disruptive pulses and surge events from 250V~ and up with an activation delay of less than 25ns.1


   Protection operates not only between live and neutral, but also between neutral/ground and live/ground, and it’s capable of absorbing up to 25.000 (twenty-five thousand) Ampere overall for pulse events that last between 8 and 20μs or 640 Ampere at a time up to 2ms.1


          The common fuse is replaced by a thermal resettable switch capable of handling the extremely high current peaks at switch-on time generated by downstream devices (e.g. power amps) but still capable of protecting the filter from continuous loads exceeding its rated current. When the thermal protection is operative, the blue Led turns off.


     The circuitry consists of 30 discrete, top-quality components: all caps are double metalized polypropylene “self-healing” kind (able to restore themselves in case the dielectric gets pierced due to overvoltage), inductors are toroid-shaped or woven around ferro-magnetic, syntherized cores, high stability and high Watt handling resistances, Teflon-made insulating shields.


          Components are soldered on a vetronite motherboard, bearing 70μ copper tracks, further thinned and area equivalent to a 2.5 square mm solid-core wire.


  The whole circuitry is fully packed into epossidic resin with outstanding characteristics of thermal stability and mechanical strenght. Such resin packing procedure makes BlackNoise exempt to dust and humidity, insensitive to external vibrations and cuts the inner-generated off, making it perfectly silent.2


          Mono-block, extruded anti-corodal anodized aluminum case 4mm thick on all sides, no assembly screws, milled with digitally controlled machines. The case is shielded so to limit external EMI and RFI fields and minimize internal ones.


      Two multistandard outlets (Italy -large and small-, US -without the earth pin- and Schuko) of 16A each and a IEC standard inlet. Mains cable not included3. Original US “Hospital Grade” 20A sockets are also available on all models (MiniBlack excluded).


          Dimensions (W x L x D): 100x40x325 mm, ~2.5Kg / 4x1.6x12.8 inches, ~5.5 pounds.



1 Same data as for models Four, six, Eight

Model MiniBlack, instead, has much superior specifications.


2 Depending by mains line conditions and load applied, a slight buzz may still be heard in close proximity to the filter itself. See also question 13 in the FAQ.


3 Separately are available mains cables suited to the task, see: joker, BlackWire plus+, GoldWire, PEARL.


Electrical and Mechanical Features

This technical page has the intention not only to provide additional technical information about the BlackNoise products line but has also the aim to go in-deep about the issues revolving around mains power, either in general than Hi-Fi specific. We are very involved and are spending much time over this matter, a great deal of which is employed to transfer photographs, documentation and scrap notes in a easy accessible manner.


At this time there is not much of it, except the more “commercial” matters but in the future, in our intentions, this page will be the “largest” of the site. Time to time came and see what’s new!

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