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M A D E  I N  I T A L Y

S Y S T E M S   A N D   M A G I C

function and emotion

Now available for the BlackNoise

energy distributors


the C20, 20A IEC socket:

well 4600W over 230V~!!


(available as optional)



The first upgrade in eight years.


Quality went beyond, turned into Pleasure.

September 2011

October 2011

Best Product

TopAudio & Video Show 2011

Category Accessories

Aprile 2012

90° Housings of excellent quality are now available for our BlackWire and GoldWire cables with a lenght (except the unavoidable one of the plug itself) of less than 3cm!


See also our adapters for all kind of european and international sockets.


Three new reviews!

Casella di testo: (Holland) Slim3, Slim5, MiniBlack
Casella di testo: (Italy) MiniBlack Mains Filter
Casella di testo: (Norway) Phase Survival Kit

All available here: reviews

Stereo & Video russian magazine

awards the BlackNoise Four

as the best power distributor

between 80,00 and 1600,00 euro!!

The collaboration with Ætere’s goes on,

after V2 models, two new products

 are now available from us:

A mains filter of reasonable price, exploitable anywhere with an

extremely small form factor?


here is the e-Spira!

Eight sockets are not enough?


BlackNoise mains distributors line broadens,  after the l’Eight…


here is the


Does your electronic vibrate?



Is the power amp filled with

bzzzz, hummm, trrrrrr,

noises that come and go

depending by time and day?


Reason is DC current over mains power and to tame rackets down to Zero there is no other choice than...

Two new products!

Zero and TEN!!

We will attend:




19-20 December

9:00 - 19:00



Jolly Hotel Midas

Via Aurelia 800