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This Privacy Policy document describes in detail the types of personal information that is collected and recorded by www.systemsandmagic.com and how and why we use it.


Which data is collected


Like many other web sites, systemsandmagic.com gathers data about its visitors like date/time stamp, geographic location, Internet Service Provider (ISP), browser type and operating system, visited pages, incoming link and many others.


None of these informations alone, or together with the others, are in any way able to make possible to uniquely identify the visitor: in other words, the informations collected here are totally anonymous. Even the IP address itself is automatically anonymized in order to make it NOT traceable.


Aim of collected data


Collected data is stored in a log file that is used by us to understand the use the visitors themselves make of this web site and to improve its usefulness and usability based on the data itself.


Systemsandmagic.com itís a commercial web site, itís clearly interested into understanding how people navigates it in order to be able to offer better and better products and services based on visitors habits. To this aim, analyzing log files itís an important part, but at the same time we have at heart our visitors and potential clients privacy, avoiding whatsoever way that could identify whoever honors us with its time.


All the more so, the collected data itís NOT given to any third party to be analyzed alone or together with other databases. The data gathering itself, even if made with the aid of an external supplier, is comprehensive of an explicit agreement about the privacy of the collected informations.


How data is collected


Data is collected by means of a computer tool called cookie. A cookie is a string of information, a series of alphanumeric characters, that a web site stores in a file on the visitor computer/smartphone/tablet and that the visitorís browser handles to the web site whenever the visitor comes back.


Cookies can be used for the most diverse purposes, to store login informations, to keep tracks of the items in a online basket, to collect informations about navigation of a specific web site, like systemsandmagic.com one.


Systemsandmagic.com collects data using exclusively tecnical cookies (called also analytics cookies), to perform its statistical analysis.


Cookies are by their nature simple data blocks, they are NOT executable programs and thus cannot be Virus or Spyware. But what they can do is making personal identification possible, and thatís why some Spyware programs classify them as Spyware; we stress that these specific cookies are NOT employed by the systemsandmagic.com web site.


You may avoid that cookies coming from systemsandmagic.com (and/or from any other web site) collects your data, simply configuring your browser in such a way to prevent them to be stored on your computer/smarthphone/tablet.


How to avoid storing cookies


At amy time, you can prevent your browser from storing cookies following the specific browser instructions. Below, you will find official links to some of the most common browsers about how to disable cookies.


Explorer - Chrome - Firefox - Safari


Further in-depth informations about cookies may be found on Wikipedia


These links are provided exclusively for your convenience, we donít take any responsibility about their correctness, effectiveness or any other purpose other than a purely informative one.


Further informations


If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at info@systemsandmagic.com

Privacy Policy for the systemsandmagic.com web site