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Use and Maintenance 1

The BlackNoise should be placed on a dry and even surface, on the floor or on the lowest shelves of the electronics-holder furniture. The device is designed for allowing an easy and unintrusive placement in already greatly crowded environments. BlackNoise heats very little or nothing at all, depending by the surrounding temperature and connected load; however, always leave all around adequate ventilation room.


BlackNoise electromagnetic emission energy is very low: while its possible to place it close to high-sensitive devices (i.e. turntables, pre-phono, DACs), it is not yet advisable, because the captation of induced noise (particularly through unshielded mains cables, see point 9 in the FAQ) is always possible.


BlackNoise best performances are in all cases reached using good quality and high cross-section shielded mains cables to connect it both to mains line and to audio gear. Suitable cables are sold separately, see joker, BlackWire plus+, GoldWire, PEARL.


The IEC socket placed on the back follows the standard convention about the correspondence between neutral and live pins: the live one also agrees with the D letter on the outlet sockets. If your audio system already follows a distinction between neutral and live, the same one can thus be held after the BlackNoise addition.


For the models with an integrated power switch, this one must be switched off (0 position) before connecting/disconnecting the unit from the mains network.


First, connect the BlackNoise to the mains socket with no device connected to its outlets. Then connect the devices (switched off) to the filter outlet sockets. Make sure all inlet and outlet plugs are firmly connected: unsteady plugs could create line overloading, contacts overheating, sparks and eventually could even be cause of fire. If units connected to the BlackNoise have to be changed like during listening tests and/or other similar events, always perform these operations with powered off devices and, if present, with the power switch in the off (0) position.


BlackNoise does not have a power switch, it has been designed to be permanently connected to mains line: in these conditions it keeps on performing a dumping function regarding mains noises even without any connected device. In circumstances where it will be not used for a long time however, on vacations for example, It is always required to disconnect the filter from mains line. This cautiousness rule holds with models provided with a power switch too. The internal overvoltage protections are active even with the switch in the off (0) position.


The rear thermal switch, if present, is able to sustain instantaneous current peaks many times higher than given specifications. This feature allows, in full safety, to connect devices that absorbs at power on currents an order of magnitude higher, like for example big power amps.


During continuous use with loads higher than specifications and/or in presence of excessive environmental temperature, the thermal switch will trip and the blue service led will switch off. In this event turn off the connected devices, get rid of the overloading cause, let the thermal switch cool down in a few minutes and reactivate it simply pushing it with a finger.


The thermal switch trips regularly even if its stroke is prevented, but please, never try to block its motion, either casually, due to objects behind the BlackNoise or intentionally, with adhesive tape or other means: in addition of the immediate warranty void there is the risk of permanently destroy the BlackNoise itself.


The BlackNoise requires neither maintenance routine nor extraordinary one. If the external case is dirty its possible to clean it using a dry and soft cloth (excellent are the microfiber ones), disconnecting in advance the BlackNoise and the connected devices from mains line. The use of alcohol, solvents, and cleaning products in general is absolutely forbidden.


No part inside BlackNoise is of user pertinence: any internal maintenance, therefore, is of exclusive concern of our personnel: keep always in mind this is a product working at dangerous voltage levels and any unauthorized intervention can have unforeseeable and potentially dangerous outcomes.


Non-compliance with these rules, including the ones in the Warranty Terms section, immediately voids the warranty itself: whatever the circumstance, please remember that common sense and the caution in taking care of the equipment is the best defense against almost any odd.



1 Use and maintenance terms reported on this page may be subjected to differences depending by the specific product.



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