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Other than the classic and well established ash-blue, Six distributors are now offered with four new shades to choose from. Together with the joker mains cables line, available in well ten different shades, the SixColor favours an easier integration of the electronic entertainment (either Home-Theater, gaming or Hi-End audio) into the modern home environment.


All specs are identical to all the other  BlackNoise power distributors, price included.

line, reducing to the least the mutual interferences.


he IEC socket placed on the back follows the standard convention about the correspondence between neutral and live pins: the live one also agrees with the “D” letter on the outlet sockets.


If your audio system already follows a distinction between neutral and live, the same one can thus be held after the SixColor distributor addition. 


The case is fully made of 4mm thick extruded anti-corodal anodized aluminum 4mm thick on all sides, no assembly screws, milled with digitally controlled machines, individually assembled, finished and checked by hand.


Its shielding limits external EMI and RFI fields and minimizes internal ones so to obtain the highest possibile effectiveness.


The internal packing with epossidic resin helps also a lot in obtaining a high level of mechanical inertia resulting effective in absorbing external as much as internal vibrations.


Best performances are in all cases reached using good quality and high cross-section shielded mains cables to connect it both to mains line and to audio gear. Suitable cables are sold separately, see joker, BlackWire plus+, GoldWire, PEARL.


Even though SixColor products have been expressely conceived for High-End Audio duties there are several advantages in using them also in other fields.  Video, professional Audio and EDP are elective ones.

Common to all these power distributors is the integrated protection against voltage spikes, disruptive pulses and surge events from 250V~ and up with an activation delay of less than 25ns.


Protection operates not only between live and neutral, but between neutral/ground and live/ground as well, and is capable of absorbing up to 25.000 (twenty-five thousand) Ampere overall for pulse events that last between 8 and 20μs or 640 Ampere up to 2ms.


The SixColor, moreover, is able to serve a maximum load of about 2300W over  230 V~/10 Ampere (or well 4600W, with the optional 20A IEC socket), delivered by a minimum of four up to eight multistandard outlets that accepts either italian style prongs (large and small), Schuko and US (two poles) but available also as full US (three poles). Multistandard and USA outlets can be installed together on the same SixColor  in the same way as any other traditional Six, Eight or Four distributor.


The usual BlackNoise filters can eventually be connected to one or more of these outlets, adding not only an excellent filtering action, but in fact doubling the already extensive overvoltage and spike protection.


Internally the outlets are connected differently than the largest majority of similar devices: star mode instead of serial wiring.


In this arrangement, three separate  wires  are  dedicated to each outlet, all joined in groups at their respective spot at the IEC inlet.


In this way, even if hosted in the same case, each outlet is virtually indipendent since it’s directly connected to the mains

SixColor units can be connected to: DVD players, TV sets, video projectors, multi-channel setups, Personal Computers, monitors, LCD or plasma panels, mixers and any other consumer  or pro audio-video item requiring a high protection against pulses, spikes and mains surges.

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